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Opal Light Pink Snowflake Coasters

Opal Light Pink Snowflake Coasters

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❄️Resin snowflake coasters. This listing is for a set of 2 coasters as shown in photos. These cuties are made with a mix of iridescent color shifting light pink shimmer with an opal flake center.  Perfect for your holiday coffee bar! 

Please let me know if you have any questions, or custom order ideas! Each set is handmade & unique in their own way, just like actual snowflakes! ❄️

Thanks for viewing! ✨

Candle Care

🍄 Always trim your wick to 1/4inch before burning and remove any “mushroom” tops to ensure a clean healthy burn on your candle.

🕯 For your first burn, allow the wax to melt completely to the sides of the glass to prevent tunneling and provide a smooth burn.

🐾 Always burn out of reach of little hands & paws!

Enjoy! ✨

Why Soy?

Cleaner burn & more environmentally friendly  (soy burns with zero petro-carbon soot)

Burns slower & lasts longer (will not compromise the air quality in your home the way typical paraffin wax does)

Biodegradable & Renewable Source (Soy is also farmer friendly! Buying soy wax products supports soy bean farmers)

No toxins / pollutants & water soluble (easier to clean if you accidentally spill)

Note from Andrea

Every item in my shop is hand crafted and made with love. I am a mom of two young boys & absolutely love creating handmade items. As such, each item may have slight imperfections. Some of these may include slight discoloration or off-centered labels etc. These little imperfections have no impact on the quality & make each product unique. Just like all of us! ❤️

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