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French Lavender & Honey

French Lavender & Honey

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Scent Notes-  melon, blackberry, lavender, nectarine, honey, oak, musk

  • Handmade & Hand Poured in small batches in Menifee, Ca
  • Soy Wax Blend (read WHY SOY below for more info)
  • Luxury Fragrance Oil
  • Lead & Zinc Free Cotton Wick
  • Can Glass Jar (Recyclable & Reusable! Label made with removable vinyl so you can remove, wash, & reuse your glass with your favorite drinks!)
  • Approx 14oz




Candle Care

🍄 Always trim your wick to 1/4inch before burning and remove any “mushroom” tops to ensure a clean healthy burn on your candle.

🕯 For your first burn, allow the wax to melt completely to the sides of the glass to prevent tunneling and provide a smooth burn.

🐾 Always burn out of reach of little hands & paws!

Enjoy! ✨

Why Soy?

Cleaner burn & more environmentally friendly  (soy burns with zero petro-carbon soot)

Burns slower & lasts longer (will not compromise the air quality in your home the way typical paraffin wax does)

Biodegradable & Renewable Source (Soy is also farmer friendly! Buying soy wax products supports soy bean farmers)

No toxins / pollutants & water soluble (easier to clean if you accidentally spill)

Note from Andrea

Every item in my shop is hand crafted and made with love. I am a mom of two young boys & absolutely love creating handmade items. As such, each item may have slight imperfections. Some of these may include slight discoloration or off-centered labels etc. These little imperfections have no impact on the quality & make each product unique. Just like all of us! ❤️

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